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I am an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and EFT Trainer. I have trained with the creator of Matrix Reimprinting, Karl Dawson

I am passionate about helping people get to the root cause of difficult life events and to release trauma quickly and gently using EFT, to restore balance and health. I have been working with fellow practitioners on my own challenges and will continue to do so, so I am definitely on this journey with you!

I qualified as a Master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Practitioner in 2008 and use NLP in my work as a self employed trainer and coach, and in my personal life. I experienced tremendous shifts in my life with NLP, however, I kept running the same patterns again and again.

When I took the EFT & Matrix Reimprinting training in 2011 and started using it for myself, I was  happy to find that finally, there was something that not only got to the root cause of trauma, but did so quickly and effectively, and with lasting results.

I have taught EFT and Wellbeing Workshops to:

  • Prison Officers
  • Teachers
  • Women with cancer
  • School pupils
  • Recovery College students
  • Women in the community through two Meetup groups

I have helped people to clear past relationship trauma, fear of public speaking, childhood trauma, money issues, career issues and many other issues. 

I was certified as an EFT Trainer in Feb. 2024 and will be delivering my first Practitioner Trainings in 2024/25.

How I work:

  • I work to the standards required by the EFT Matrix Reimprinting Academy
  • I do not give guarantees on results or claim to ‘cure’ any illness; everyone is unique, their issues are different, as well as their willingness to get better
  • I am not medically trained and do not offer medical advice. I tell people that EFT can be very effective alongside any treatment they may be undergoing as it can help reduce side effects and help people cope emotionally
  • I assure my clients of full confidentiality
  • I create a safe space for my clients, there is no judgement

If you’re at your wits end and feel like nothing is working, why not try experiencing the power of Matrix Reimprinting? It has worked for me and countless others where nothing else has. For a free and confidential 10 minute consultation to see if I can help you, please email info@eft-matrix.co.uk.

To your good health!




I had heard really great things about EFT Tapping from friends so i joined Gayatri’s 5 Session Tapping Course  with the hope of finding a connection. I immediately felt Gayatri’s presence, warmth and genuine kindness. I could feel her energy ouzing to help me find my way. She explaines what tapping is and what it does for the body and mind really well and following her tapping technique was awesome as i loved that she includes the hand tapping points as well. I have continued to practice tapping on myself since doing the course, and i also like to tap for others (surrogate tapping), others being my pets.
Learning Gayatri’s way, i feel much more in control of my emotions and feelings. I practice tapping throughout my day, on dogs walks, and i give myself time at home to practice tapping daily. The course and learning tapping has had a great affect on my life, i feel when i tap i get a release of negative energy and negative thoughts and feel much more mentally stable and i feel if i have some problem going on then i can do my set up statement and tap it out. I am very grateful for finding Gayatri and learning how to tap. It has had a huge positive impact on my life. I can sleep better, i am in better mood, i snap out of moods quicker, i feel much better in myself.
Thank you so much x
Stephanie Wilson of Perivale, West London
April 2024



I had become frantic and exhausted with my life. My mind was ruminating over events. I wanted to find inner peace and calm. I attended my first Mindfulness course in 2023. Gayatri led the class in such a clear, effective, calm way that I felt at ease immediately. She encouraged everyone to ask questions and fully participate in the sessions, at the level each person felt comfortable in sharing.

The course content was so well balanced in background information, to understand the why and how, practicing mindfulness techniques helps to reduce stress, anxiety and increase our overall wellbeing. Course handouts were extremely useful to refer to back at home. I was surprised to learn just how much we hold onto negative thoughts in our bodies and the impact it can have on our general health. I really enjoyed learning different mindfulness techniques and meditations. Now I have simple methods to hand, so that I can help myself and feel calm and centred in any given moment.

Gayatri has inspired me to continue my journey in self-caring and self-loving. Mindfulness has been instrumental in getting my life back on track and now I am confidently back in the flow of life looking forward to the future. Thank you, Gayatri, for being the difference that made the difference to me!

Tricia Marshall, Hayes

March 2024



It is my experience having worked with Gayatri several times that she has helped me tremendously and always gone over and above what is called of her.   Her knowledge is very extensive and it is always a pleasure to chat to her  If you get a chance to work with her please hurry you don’t know what you are missing




April 2024


I recommend Gayatri, if you’ve never experienced EFT before or have minimum knowledge of it, as I did. Gayatri has a gentle teaching delivery and a calming voice.


West Byfleet

April 2024



Gayatri has been a professional and sensitive guide throughout the EFT/Matrix Reimprinting sessions I have had with her.
I highly recommend her as whatever your problem she will help you find the reasons behind the problem and let go of the negative emotions surrounding it.
She has enabled me to let go of a lot of emotional hurt and despair and move forward in life with a more positive and happier outlook.”
Lyn B.   Oxfordhsire


Good Morning Gayatri,
Hope you are well, thank you for yesterday, it was a real
insight, yesterday was the first day, I did not have to take
a Triptan, since April, today, I have taken qtr to start
with, I think its more of a withdrawal migraine..

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year
Many Thanks “


East London


Feedback from Leicester Women’s Wellbeing Workshops:

“Positively perfect in every way”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt it relaxed my anxiety”

“New techniques which I found very useful to overcome my stress. I feel more relaxed and less stressed as a result. Thank you. ”

3 out of the 3 people who answered the question: “How would you rate the trainer’s delivery (0-very poor, 5 -excellent) rated it as excellent.

March 2017:

“Excellent training easy to follow”
“I would highly recommend this course to anyone. I intend to keep practising”
” I feel more relaxed and calm and my pain has reduced”
“Feel less anxious and more relaxed”
” Enjoyed everything and feel this will help me a lot. Thank you, I’m excited about how this will help me”

5 out of the 5 people who answered the question: “How would you rate the trainer’s delivery (0-very poor, 5 -excellent) rated it as excellent.