EFT Matrix sessions

Skype sessions

Psychological counselSessions over Skype:                £ 70
2 sessions booked together:    £130  (£65 per session)
5 sessions booked together:    £275  (£55 per session)

Sessions last 75-90 minutes.



Face to Face sessions

Face to face sessions:                  £ 80*-£100**Aya Counselling
2 sessions paid for together:      £150*-£190**
5 sessions paid for together:      £325*-£425**

Sessions last 75-90 minutes.

*Within 4 mile radius of Greenford.

**4-8 mile radius of Greenford.


Stress Management Workshops & Employee Wellbeing

iStock_000020302050_SmallDuring this half day workshop, delegates will be shown the benefits of this self-help, stress-busting technique and will be walked through the tapping points. They will be shown a video of how EFT has helped people overcome an array of mental and physical symptoms and demonstrations with individuals in the group will show just how quickly and effectively EFT works.

If you would like to book a “Stress Management With EFT” workshop for your employees, would like a detailed breakdown of the workshop, or have any questions, please call us on 0208 813 2350 or complete the contact form (link to contact us page).

Bespoke Training

The “Stress Management With EFT” workshop and “Staff Relaxation” Sessions can be tailored to fit in with your Employee Wellbeing programme.

Occupational Health Referrals

We can work with employees referred through Occupational Health on an individual basis. Please contact us to enquire about rates.


Stress Management & Mind-Body Wellbeing: Half day workshop for up to 10 people: £275

20% discount for charities / schools 

Staff Relaxation Sessions:

These 30 minute relaxation sessions are very popular as part of an afternoon’s training, over lunch, or as an ‘end of the week de-stress’. Each delegate will get to experience a few minutes tapping as part of this group relaxation session using EFT meditation. All that is required is a room with comfortable seating and a laptop with a usb port.


“Relaxation Session” with EFT meditation (30 minutes) for up to 10 people: £65

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What you need to know about your Matrix Reimprinting session:

How long will the session last?

Your Matrix Reimprinting session will last approximately 1 hour. Occasionally, sessions will last longer than an hour so it is advisable to allow an extra 15 minutes. If you are new to EFT, you will need to allow an extra 15-20 minutes for your first session to familiarise yourself with the tapping points. There is no extra charge for this.

What will my EFT session involve?

If you are new to EFT, at the beginning of your first session, I will walk you through the tapping points. You can also familiarise yourself with these by watching the Matrix Reimprinting videos  or looking at the Tapping Points diagram.

How many sessions will I need?

It is difficult to say how many sessions any individual will need. This will depend on what you want to work on, how many significant memories are associated with that theme in your life, how easy or hard you find it to work on those memories and how quickly you are able and willing to progress. It is entirely up to you as the client to decide how many sessions you wish to have.


You are assured of total confidentiality with regard to the information you share before and during your session(s).

skypeAll sessions are conducted over skype (unless otherwise agreed) so please ensure you have a good internet connection, Skype downloaded to your device and a Skype id before booking your session.