Videos & How EFT Works

What is EFT / Matrix Reimprinting & how does it work?


EFT is like acupuncture, but without the needles. It involves applying gentle acupressure (tapping) on the energy meridians points around the head, face, collar bone and hands, as shown below.

Tapping Points:








Using Matrix Reimprinting, we can easily access the first event that caused us to become traumatised, i.e. the root cause of pain, illness, addictions and negative beliefs, and clear the energy of the trauma in a gentle yet highly effective way.

Tapping is like Googling – we’re accessing information about the trauma stored in your body so that when this information comes up, we can do something with it.

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Matrix Reimprinting / EFT Videos:


1. EFT with Cancer

2. Matrix Reimprinting to clear frog phobia – Karl Dawson, creator of Matrix Reimprinting

3. Matrix Reimprinting for anxiety & abuse

4. EFT and stress – Karl Dawson – creator of Matrix Reimprinting

5. BBC East Midlands: EFT for MS

6. Dr Bruce Lipton:  Beyond Genetics

7. Tapping World Summit: Introduction to EFT